• Juan Carlos Bondi

¡We prepare to fly!

Every day we take the necessary preventive measures, either to go shopping or carry out paperwork and in some cases to go to work. We cannot leave without a face mask, we have to be one meter away from other people and each store takes the necessary measures to meet the requirements for prevention.

Now if we ask ourselves ... "When I fly again, what measures do I have to take?"

Well calm down because in this note we are going to tell you about all the prevention measures we are taking so that you can fly again.

So let's get started!

Before leaving the airport you have to know that the use of face masks is required, so it is essential that you and everyone traveling wear one. You will have to use it both at the airport and on the plane.

Also remember that you will be able to check-in, acquire your luggage (if you did not do it when purchasing your ticket) and download your boarding pass, so we avoid crowds and make the process faster.

For this, go to https://booking2.flybondi.com/es/manage/manage-booking where you will be able to perform these steps.

Check all your necessary documentation to get on the plane and a not less fact is that cabin luggage is not allowed, that is, that all suitcases or bags must go in the hold of the plane.

Upon arrival at the airport, you will observe that the entire Flybondi team (Check In agents, boarding agents, ramps, pilots, cabin crew) will have chinstraps, protective glasses and gloves. You will also see signs that will help you throughout the boarding process to comply with the mandatory social distancing.

Fact! At all the check-in and boarding counters you will have gel alcohol at your disposal to use whenever you want.

When you are about to board and disembark you will realize that the times in each one are increased to guarantee the distance between passengers. For this reason, our staff will guide you at all times to avoid crowds in the process.

In addition, so that you have the least possible contact, we install scanners so that you can directly swipe your boarding pass. If you need to get on boarding buses, to achieve the required distance there will be one person every two seats and you will have gel alcohol dispensers.

Before you get on the plane, all its disinfection is carried out as well as in flight with all the passengers before landing and before departure.

Already on board and to make you feel safer throughout the trip, our team will have gel alcohol so you can buy if you need to. There will also be sales of food products previously sanitized and then packaged with containers suitable for the safety of our passengers.

IMPORTANT DATA! At all times you have to wear the chinstrap or face mask, from the moment you start your flight until the end of your trip.

Once arrived at the destination, the corresponding cleaning will be carried out in each passenger ascent. The bags will be delivered within a maximum time of 5 minutes after the doors are opened. Yes! Challenge accepted!

When you wait for your suitcase on the treadmill you will see that they have a certain distance designed so that when you recover it you respect the obligatory social distance. And if you have a lot of luggage, do not worry that you will be able to use the car that is already going to be sanitized.

And you're already at your destination! Enjoying that trip, returning to that reunion or for work, the essential thing is that you take all the measures you do daily to take care of each other!

Now you are ready to fly! Do we fly together and safely? We fly together and safely!


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